Monday, June 8, 2009


So I just found out about this little gathering via the Ethernet, it looks pretty swell. I'd love to go, but alas I have no $$. Maybe next year. Either way check back later for Esozone updates.

Number ONE

So, I've been planning on starting a blog for about a week now, and finally got around to it. This is it's first post and I am fittingly drunk for it. Not because I'm some alcoholic, but because I lack courage even on the Anonymous Internet. But all that's about to change. I have come to fully embrace the powers and influence the Interwebs have to offer. I've had many times where I thought "This is a great idea, but who should I tell. Who would care." I finally realized you would care, my like-minded readers would care. And so this is the beginning of my rise to fame and power. I am here to change the world. Care to help?